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Four Mile Ranch Search Terms, Update

Who is searching who?  Below are the Four Mile News stats on what the top search terms have been for the last 30 days.   It looks like Kevin Quinn is just as popular as the Four Mile Ranch development. 

mile ranch canon city 35
fourmileranch 34
kevin quinn cottage capital 26
kevin quinn golf 22
dakota hot springs in canon city, co 17
four mile ranch 17 14
four mile ranch news 14
canon city daily record 13
the water guy canon city 12
four mile ranch news/ross jeffery 11
cottage capital 11
thomas bruderman 11
cottage capital kevin quinn 11
four mile ranch golf club 10
dawson ranch home problems canon city co 9
kevin quinn jeffries 9
ross jeffery colorado 9
danny tezak 7
kevin quinn sec 7
four mile ranch canon city, litigation 7
kevin quinn of boston, ma 7
canon city post office route changes 6
four mile ranch canon city colorado 6
kevin quinn boston 6
tanessa white 6
aristedes w. zavaras 6
jennifer harriman 6
prison build permit canon city co 5
mike tezak in canon city colorado 5
colorado department of corrections canon 5
latest news four mile ranch 5
cottage capital boston 5 5
four mile ranch, canon city, co 5
four mile ranch kevin quinn 5
jane magpiong 5
“cottage capital” 5
tezak drive canon city, colorado 5
four mile ranch problems 5
kevin quinn cottage capital fund 5
four mile ranch canon city co 5
four mile ranch golf course review 5
kevin quinn jeffries cottage capital 4
four mile ranch golf club canon city 4
canoncitydailyrecord august 26 sales tax 4
four mile ranch golf 4
bill and danny tezak canon city 4
ross jeffery 4
water pressure canon city co 4

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Tax Lein Sale at Four Mile Ranch

Four Mile News has obtained a copy of the Fremont County Colorado Tax Lein Auction list.  It shows that the entire development is listed on the list.  With the state of current sales at Four Mile Ranch being non-existent, it looks like a savvy investor may be able to buy these tax certificates and secure a %10 return on their money, and quite possibly could own the property outright in 3 years for pennies on the dollar if the bill goes unpaid.  Follow this link for a list of the properties affected.

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Four Mile Ranch Looses Out on DOC Headquarters

Four Mile Ranch News is reporting that the Colorado Department of Corrections has NOT selected the proposed site at Four Mile Ranch in Canon City, Colorado to build its new headquarters.  This decision serves as yet another blow to Four Mile Ranch developer Ross Jeffery.  According to sources close to the development and officials in Canon City this may have been one of the last chances for Jeffery to make a go with his ailing project.  Jeffery now must face head on the challenges of the golf course currently in a lein forclosure, banks not lending money to land speculators and the current state of the US economy.

Below is a copy of the Department of Corrections press release:




Colorado Department of Corrections


For further information, please contact:

Katherine Sanguinetti, Public Information Officer

Colorado Department of Corrections


719-439-5514 (cell)




Aristedes W. Zavaras

 Executive Director

Bill Ritter, Jr.








October 2, 2008




(Colorado Springs, CO)– Ari Zavaras, executive director of the Department of Corrections (DOC), is pleased to announce the selection of a site for the Department’s new Central Office.  The site is in Southern Colorado Springs, and is approximately one mile south of the current central office on Janitell Road. The proposed offer, from Mortenson Development, Inc., has been determined to be the most advantageous to the overall needs of the Department, and the State of Colorado.


“Colorado’s correctional system has been part of the economic foundation of Southern Colorado for a hundred and forty years, and I am pleased the tradition will continue,” Ari Zavaras said. “With the use of sound environmental strategies and renewable energy resources, we will be building on the bedrock of Colorado’s past with the green technology that is our future.”


The DOC received a wealth of attractive offers, including 15 viable proposals, resulting in a very competitive process.  The new development is the most cost effective choice for the taxpayers of Colorado. “I have a responsibility to make the most fiscally sound decision for not only the Department, but for all the citizens of Colorado. Our team evaluated multiple factors including the proposed facility and collateral operational costs. I believe we made a great choice for Colorado,” said Ari Zavaras of his decision.


The location will sustain efficiency in operations as Southern Colorado Springs is the geographic center of the Department’s operational system. The location is in reasonable proximity to the majority of prison and parole facilities located along the Front Range and in Southern Colorado.  The office will be positioned for minimal travel time to the State Capitol and other government offices located in the Denver Metro area, where central office professionals frequently attend meetings vital to the business of the state.  


The winning offer by Mortenson Development, Inc., Vineyard Commerce Park, is environmentally sensitive and sustainable, and is based on conservation and renewable resource strategies, consistent with the Governor’s Office of Energy’s initiatives. Through the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), the central office will be “Gold Certified”.  The plan includes sustainable energy resources, the use of recycled building materials, water conservation program, permeable pavement, as well as other “green” strategies. The LEED Green Building Rating System™ encourages and accelerates global adoption of sustainable green building and development practices through the creation and implementation of universally understood and accepted tools and performance criteria.


The Vineyard Commerce Park development will also promote the well being of the staff. Included will be conference facilities, room to hold trainings, and a Correctional Industries showroom.  The selected site is located adjacent to a 43 acre open space connected to 85 miles of county-wide trails.


The building is being built to suit the needs of the Department. The building will be approximately 100,000 square feet and will provide room for the 240 employees assigned to the Central Office.  The site will accommodate the Department’s projected needs through 2020 and allows the flexibility necessary in planning for the future.


The lease on the current central office building, which is approximately 65,000 square feet, expires June 30, 2010.


The DOC currently employs 6,575 personnel, operating 23 state prisons, 19 regional community and parole offices, and monitoring six private facilities. The budget in fiscal year 2008-2009 is $761 million. At the present time Department employees are responsible for supervising over 23,000 incarcerated offenders and 11,000 parolees.










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Four Mile News Website Getting Lots of Readers

So what are the readers of Four Mile News Reading these days?  These are the stats from the last 3 days.

Article Read (# of views in last 3 days).            

Mark Foster, SREI responds to Four Mile News 51 
Developer Breaks Leases with Investors, Over $80,000 Due  38 
Four Mile Ranch Golf Course Reviews 35 
Architect Trapped in Own Home at Four Mile Ranch 34 Website Goes Dark for non-payment  30 
Ross Jeffery’s Lien List Grows Larger 27 
Another Lawsuit in the wings for Four Mile Ranch 26 
Four Mile Ranch Golf Pro Moves Out 25 
Housing Prices PLUMMET Over 35% in Four Mile Ranch Golf Community  22 
New Four Mile Ranch theme song begins production 21 
Ross Jeffery Sues Former Architect  20 
Who Is Ross Jeffery? 19 
How to run up your opponents Legal Bill 101  17 
Developers wife also being chased for payment 16 
Council mulls stopping work at Four Mile 15 
Four Mile Ranch News Site set to Utilize Press Release Service to enhance readership 15 
What are those Lights Across the Highway?? 15 
Why are those people always chasing kids 14 
Free Speech and the First Amendment to the United States Constitution 12 
Dwarf Tossing Expert Invests in Canon City, Colorado 11 
Four Mile Ranch News Page #1 on Google
Jefferies Settles Lavish-Gift Probe
Morals Anyone?
Hot Schwab, BofA dish served at bash  2 
Trading: Now A Little Less Fun 1

September 17, 2008 at 12:09 am 1 comment Website Goes Dark for non-payment

June, 2008

The Four Mile Ranch Golf Course Community website was taken down by its creators do to a billing dispute with Ross Jeffery, Jennifer Harriman, The Home Place Real Estate Company and Four Mile Ranch.  The consultants who had built and maintained the site were to be paid on a commission basis on any and all real estate transactions that took place.  After investigation by the consultants, it was apparent that deals were being done under the table and skirting payments due to them for their services.  As a result, the consulting company took the actions to turn off the highly successful website and marketing programs.  Additionally, the consultants have since filed formal papers to seek payment for the past due commissions.

We will have futher documentation available on line shortly.

The Four Mile Ranch News Team.

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Four Mile Ranch Golf Course Reviews

Tell us what you think about the new Four Mile Ranch Golf Course Community.  Did you love or hate the course?  Was the course in good or bad condition?  What was the service level like at the Four Mile Ranch Golf Course?  Thanks for your posts.

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Who Is Ross Jeffery?

Obviously there is a lot of talk about Ross these days.  In case you have not met him, this is who you may want to keep an eye out for.

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