How People Find Four Mile Ranch News

Below are the latest stats(search results) on how people are finding news on Four Mile Ranch Golf Course Community, these are the results for 2009

four mile ranch canon city 522 
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canon city, co real estate 517 
four mile ranch 436 
four mile ranch problems 425 
canon city daily record 413 
kevin quinn cottage capital 412 
Canon City Colorado homes 412
four mile ranch news 410  
home problems canon city co 309 
cottage capital 109 
kevin quinn jeffries 107 
kevin quinn golf 107


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Four Mile Ranch House For Rent

Many homeowners in the Four Mile Ranch development located just east of Canon City Colorado 81212 are finding it impossible to find renters in this troubled market.  Rents in the Four Mile Ranch development are down close to 50% from 2 years ago, leaving many owners and investors with no options but to let the investments go back to the bank that originated the loans. 

Even with a couple of “fair” ratings for the new golf course, it is apparent that the development is in trouble and many wonder if it will survive.  If you are looking for a great deal on a rental property, then look no further than Four Mile Ranch.  There are many homes available at rock bottom prices that may just fit your needs.   Keep in mind, that you will be living next to the youth rahab facility and across the street from most of “Americas Most Wanted” now captured.

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Foreclosures on THE RISE at FOUR MILE RANCH

Four Mile Ranch News has recently learned that foreclosures of residential property in the Four Mile Ranch Golf Course community are on the rise.  The investigation has uncovered that the developer, Ross Jeffrey, sold multiple houses to real estate investors and later defaulted on those investments causing a dramatic increase in the rate of foreclosures in his troubled development.  One street alone has had 2 foreclosures in the last week.  These latest developments have created additional concern among locals that live in the Four Mile Ranch community as home prices now appear to be drastically over inflated and raise the concern of possible issues of fraud with the purchase of other homes in the community. 

Four Mile Ranch news has discovered that a group of home owners have approached authorities to present a criminal case against the developer for fraud in the purchase of their property.   Please stay tuned as further information in this case is made public.

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Canon City Development Gets Famous Investors

Do you remember Dennis Kozlowski of Tyco?  Well, Canon City now gets the

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Research on the “Kevin Quinn” SEC case where he lost his license

Four Mile Ranch news has uncovered yet additional details on the escapades of Four Mile Ranch investor Kevin Quinn.  Included are some PDF files directly from the SEC website that shares all of the details. 

Link to all of the litigation

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Story on Kevin Quinn, Four Mile Ranch Investor

Four Mile Ranch News has found yet another article on Kevin Quinn a principal of the investment firm Cottage Capital that is heavily invested in the Four Mile Ranch Golf Course project east of Canon City, Colorado 81211.  If past performance is any indication of future activities it looks like Canon City may have some new entertainment coming to town.  Maybe he can get his friend from Tyco transferred to one of Canon City’s fine facilities. 

 As reported on FINAlternatives, a Hedge Fund and Private Equity News Website
Link to Article:

Former Jefferies ‘Gift-Giver’ Plans Hedge Fund

Kevin Quinn may have been banned from the broker-dealer and mutual fund industries for his questionable entertainment practices as a salesman for Jefferies Group, but that isn’t keeping him out the hedge fund business.

Quinn is clearly hoping that his sordid history won’t scare investors away from Boston-based Cottage Capital, his new hedge fund. Cottage will provide secured loans to smaller companies, according to Hedge Fund Alert. Quinn will reportedly limit himself to the business side of the fund, which is expected to launch with $50 million. The fund’s launch date was not disclosed.  

Quinn was behind the infamous 2003 Miami Beach bachelor party for Fidelity Investments trader Thomas Bruderman—the guy who was marrying the daughter of then-Tyco CEO and current resident of the New York State correctional facility in Marcy, N.Y., Dennis Kozlowski.

That party, which started with a private jet flight from Boston and ended on a yacht with both strippers and midgets, cost Jeffries $75,000 at the time and, along with Quinn’s less-spectacular entertainment, $9.7 million in disgorged profits. Quinn himself was hit with a $468,000 fine.

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Stock Market down 45% in past 12 months!!!!

In the past 12 months, the Dow has dropped 45%, and with that goes the retirement money that many Midwestern baby boomers had planned to use to buy there dream golf course homes in in a warmer climate.  This will undoubtedly have additional sales impacts at Four Mile Ranch.  Four Mile Ranch News asks the question.  Can the sales numbers get any lower? 

Maybe the developer has a trick up his sleeve to provide some low end affordable housing for all the new prison guards that will be coming to the area.  And as most people know, when the economy goes south more people end up in prison.  This could in fact lend itself to a strong low end side of the market at Four Mile.  The only question then would be, what does that do for existing property values if the community focuses on affordable housing?

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Four Mile Ranch Developer Bullies Neighbors in Dakota Hideout

Four Mile Ranch News has uncovered additional bullying tactics at Four Mile Ranch in Canon City Colorado, by its developer Ross Jeffery. 

Sources that own propery within Dakota Hideout(the neighboring development) have informed Four Mile Ranch News that the land where Mr Jeffery built the driving range for his lavish golf course actually is not part of the Four Mile Ranch development.  It is actually a 35 acre lot in the Dakota Hideout subdivision that he purchased.  Apperently Mr. Jeffery and his famed golf course architect Jim Engh are not the best planners with it comes to land use.  It looks like the driving range was an after thought.  Thus requiring the attempt to purchase neighboring land in another sub division to make the driving range actually happen.  So why is the driving range not green like the rest of the course we asked the sources.  The reason is, Mr. Jeffery is not allowed to use city water on county property.  Since Dakota Hideout is not part of Canon City, its in the county.  This posed a problem for Jeffery’s as Dakota Hideout has specific guidlines in its covenents that do not permit this kind of activity.  

One source told News that “this is just another attempt by Ross Jeffery to bully his way around to get what he wants without any regard for others.   He thinks that since we are a small development that we will not have the resources to fight him legally.  Well from what we see and here in the community, he doesn’t exactly have too many pennies to rub together either.”

Calls to Four Mile Ranch for comment have not been returned.

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Four Mile Ranch, Streets Falling Apart, Developer Does Nothing

Residents of the Four Mile Ranch Development, located just East of Canon City, Colorado are up in arms with developer Ross Jeffery.  Most all of the residents on one of the developments main streets, Rio Bravo Drive, have their street and driveways sinking below there feet.  Calls from the residents to Developer Ross Jeffery go unanswered.  Most residents drive down the street and wonder if there are on a roller coaster.  Four Mile Ranch news asked some of the residents about the street sinking issue and this is what they said:

“It has looked like this for 2 years now, when is this guy ever going to do what he says is going to do.  He told us 2 years ago the streets were going to be repaired in the next 60 days.  In my opinion this guy is full of it, we were sold on the development for a number of the amenities that were planned and should be open by now.  We were told the community center would be completed in 12 months.  There is NO sign whatsoever that this is going to be the case.  Honestly, we feel ripped off by this guy and if we had any money left, we put it all in this over priced real estate, we would take him to court.”

“We have been asking for 3 years now when the streets were going to be fixed, its just one excuse after another.  Maybe Ross’s investors will step up to the plate before they end up with yet another suit on their hands.”

“I have been trying to sell my house now for a year and people see the sinking driveways and just get back in their car and leave.  Someone please help the residents at Four Mile Ranch.”

“We were told that the delay was with the contractors who did the work, Tezak Heavy Equipment Inc and its owner Danny Tezak.  But many people in Canon City have told us that the Tezak’s are getting sued left and right for bad work in Dawson Ranch.  So who knows when, if ever, this will get fixed.  Maybe Canon City officials can do it since I think this is a city street to be maintained with our tax dollars”

Below are some pictures taken of the street Rio Bravo Drive, photos submitted are from various residents that have to drive over the roller coaster.

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Four Mile Ranch Looses Out on DOC Headquarters

Four Mile Ranch News is reporting that the Colorado Department of Corrections has NOT selected the proposed site at Four Mile Ranch in Canon City, Colorado to build its new headquarters.  This decision serves as yet another blow to Four Mile Ranch developer Ross Jeffery.  According to sources close to the development and officials in Canon City this may have been one of the last chances for Jeffery to make a go with his ailing project.  Jeffery now must face head on the challenges of the golf course currently in a lein forclosure, banks not lending money to land speculators and the current state of the US economy.

Below is a copy of the Department of Corrections press release:




Colorado Department of Corrections


For further information, please contact:

Katherine Sanguinetti, Public Information Officer

Colorado Department of Corrections


719-439-5514 (cell)




Aristedes W. Zavaras

 Executive Director

Bill Ritter, Jr.








October 2, 2008




(Colorado Springs, CO)– Ari Zavaras, executive director of the Department of Corrections (DOC), is pleased to announce the selection of a site for the Department’s new Central Office.  The site is in Southern Colorado Springs, and is approximately one mile south of the current central office on Janitell Road. The proposed offer, from Mortenson Development, Inc., has been determined to be the most advantageous to the overall needs of the Department, and the State of Colorado.


“Colorado’s correctional system has been part of the economic foundation of Southern Colorado for a hundred and forty years, and I am pleased the tradition will continue,” Ari Zavaras said. “With the use of sound environmental strategies and renewable energy resources, we will be building on the bedrock of Colorado’s past with the green technology that is our future.”


The DOC received a wealth of attractive offers, including 15 viable proposals, resulting in a very competitive process.  The new development is the most cost effective choice for the taxpayers of Colorado. “I have a responsibility to make the most fiscally sound decision for not only the Department, but for all the citizens of Colorado. Our team evaluated multiple factors including the proposed facility and collateral operational costs. I believe we made a great choice for Colorado,” said Ari Zavaras of his decision.


The location will sustain efficiency in operations as Southern Colorado Springs is the geographic center of the Department’s operational system. The location is in reasonable proximity to the majority of prison and parole facilities located along the Front Range and in Southern Colorado.  The office will be positioned for minimal travel time to the State Capitol and other government offices located in the Denver Metro area, where central office professionals frequently attend meetings vital to the business of the state.  


The winning offer by Mortenson Development, Inc., Vineyard Commerce Park, is environmentally sensitive and sustainable, and is based on conservation and renewable resource strategies, consistent with the Governor’s Office of Energy’s initiatives. Through the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), the central office will be “Gold Certified”.  The plan includes sustainable energy resources, the use of recycled building materials, water conservation program, permeable pavement, as well as other “green” strategies. The LEED Green Building Rating System™ encourages and accelerates global adoption of sustainable green building and development practices through the creation and implementation of universally understood and accepted tools and performance criteria.


The Vineyard Commerce Park development will also promote the well being of the staff. Included will be conference facilities, room to hold trainings, and a Correctional Industries showroom.  The selected site is located adjacent to a 43 acre open space connected to 85 miles of county-wide trails.


The building is being built to suit the needs of the Department. The building will be approximately 100,000 square feet and will provide room for the 240 employees assigned to the Central Office.  The site will accommodate the Department’s projected needs through 2020 and allows the flexibility necessary in planning for the future.


The lease on the current central office building, which is approximately 65,000 square feet, expires June 30, 2010.


The DOC currently employs 6,575 personnel, operating 23 state prisons, 19 regional community and parole offices, and monitoring six private facilities. The budget in fiscal year 2008-2009 is $761 million. At the present time Department employees are responsible for supervising over 23,000 incarcerated offenders and 11,000 parolees.










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Video, Uranium Mining in Canon City Colorado

A good informational video about the area and the Uranium Mine

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Radioactive soil from New Jersey to be stored south of Cañon City

Four Mile News finds old article on Canon City

Tourist attractions don’t blame Cotter for slowdown
As fires, drought keep visitors at bay, looming controversy worries officials

By Jackie Hutchins
Daily Record News Group
With controversy surrounding the proposal to bring radioactive soil from New Jersey to be stored south of Cañon City, it might be tempting for managers of Cañon City area tourist attractions to use it as a scapegoat for this summer’s visitor slowdown.
Instead — though they don’t agree on what impact the soil shipments might have on them if allowed to go ahead — they agree on one thing: The wildfire season and drought this summer, and Gov. Bill Owens’ comments to a nationwide audience in June that made it sound as if all of Colorado was on fire, have hurt them much more than publicity about the Cotter Corp. proposal.

“It has been a complete disaster, the worst year this park has ever had, probably that tourism in Colorado has ever had,” said Mike Bandera, manager of the Royal Gorge Bridge.

Attractions around the state are down 15 to 50 percent, Bandera noted. The bridge itself has been down about 19 percent all summer.

The bridge, which has averaged about 500,000 visitors a year for the past 20 years, probably will get only about 400,000 by the end of 2002, he said.

Bandera said his business was fine until the first wildfire broke out in early June and the negative publicity started nationwide. “The cancellations started. People were making decisions about where to go on vacation and they chose to go other places,” Bandera said.

He had hoped for a rebound in July after the Iron Mountain fire southwest of Cañon City was out and the 138,000-acre Hayman fire southwest of Denver had died down, but it never came. “It’s not recovering. We’re not going to recover this year.”

Mark Greska, who owns the Royal Gorge Route, said business at the scenic train ride was up 35 percent in May and with the bookings he already had at that point he was poised for a record year. He had expected to end the summer with a 25 percent increase in business. But after the wildfires started business dropped off and has been down 12 percent to 15 percent all summer, he said.

The train business started in 1998 with 75,000 visitors the first year. “We were hoping to carry about 100,000 people (this year). That’s not going to happen,” Greska said. He had been considering expanding to operate daily in the off-season, but now is waiting to see what happens to the proposal to bring the radioactive soil to Cotter Corp. He said he may have to cut back operations to just six days a week next summer if visitation declines.

Bandera said the drought has caused low water levels in area rivers, impacting one of the main tourist industries in the area — rafting companies.

Rafting businesses have told him they are seeing customer decreases ranging between 30 percent and 40 percent this summer. And because rafting draws visitors to the Royal Gorge area, loss of rafting customers affects the other area businesses as well, he said.

Tony Keenan, owner of Whitewater Adventure Outfitters, said his rafting business is down 30 percent this year. He said the fires and publicity about them, as well as the governor’s comments about the severity of the wildfires, have been detrimental to tourism throughout the state, not just in Cañon City.

He said his business opened for the season in late April and he noticed his first drop in business after the Iron Mountain fire. Reservations had been about equal to last year at that point. But after that fire, followed by the Hayman fire and the governor’s comments, business spiked downward, Keenan said.

The low water levels also have hurt, he said. “Water conditions have kept a lot of people away, particularly Colorado people.”

George Turner, executive director of the Cañon City Chamber of Commerce, reported tourism in the area is down about 20 percent overall this year, and he attributes the decline mostly to the drought and fires.

Tourism is very important to the Cañon City economy and is the second-largest employer, after the prisons, he noted.

The attractions owners and managers place much of the blame for the summer’s slowdown on the media and on Gov. Owens.

Greska said his business felt the impact after Owens made a public statement during the early days of the Hayman fire that the entire state was on fire.

Actually wildfires were burning on only about 1 percent of the state. But with the perception that fire was everywhere, groups began canceling their reservations, Greska said.

“The publicity was much worse than the fires were,” Bandera said. “Ninety-nine percent of the state was not on fire.”

He increased advertising for the Royal Gorge Bridge, hoping to counter the effect, and area attractions also have been working with the state to try to counteract the wildfire publicity with a public-relations campaign, he said.

Reeling from what they feel is a slowdown in business due in part to bad publicity, area tourist businesses now face possible publicity about Cotter proposal to bring radioactive soil through town to be stored at the company’s property south of town.

Reactions on what that will mean for tourism are mixed.

“I think it will end up devastating the tourism economy, not just for Cañon City but for all of southern Colorado,” Greska said.

He opposes the plan to accept shipments of contaminated soil from New Jersey, and said he wants people to look at what the long-range impact on tourism could be.

It will be harder to attract visitors if people begin to associate Cañon City with nuclear-contaminated soil, he predicted.

Greska said he thinks publicity about the shipments of soil from the Maywood Superfund Site in New Jersey could draw attention to the existing Superfund site at Lincoln Park and scare visitors away. And he’s not convinced the soil from New Jersey is any less toxic than the material currently stored at Cotter.

“If this stuff is so benign, why don’t they leave it there?” he asked.

Cañon City already has overcome an image some tourist towns might shrink from — that of a prison town, home to federal and state penitentiaries.

“That stigma has been overcome,” Greska said. On his train route, guides point the prisons out, people are interested in it, he said. “The prison poses no threat,” he noted. “The prison is a boon to the economy.”

Bandera said visitors tend to be curious about the prisons, but not alarmed by their presence.

He isn’t sure what the impact of bringing in the soil might be, but thinks it will depend on how much publicity it gets if the shipments are allowed.

He said he had never heard about the Cotter Superfund site until he began looking for a home when he moved to the community about a year and a half ago, when his real estate agent mentioned it. It was definitely not on the chamber of commerce Web page or relocation packet, he said, noting he thinks it’s not something of which visitors would generally be aware.

Steve Rose, executive director of the Main Street U.S.A., Cañon City Inc. program that promotes historic restoration and economic development downtown, said that although it’s a local issue that’s hot, he doesn’t see it as a tourism issue.

“I try to put myself in the place of a tourist. If I go somewhere the last thing I would think about is radioactive waste,” he said.

Turner, who was mayor of Cañon City during another controversial period in Cotter’s relationship with the community in the late 1970s, said he has heard comments that the soil shipments could have an adverse impact on tourism.

“If we become known as a nuclear waste dump, I suspect that would have an impact on our tourism.” He said he wasn’t sure how the chamber of commerce would respond if that happened, but he likely would start by contacting Cotter officials to talk to them about it, as he did in 1979.

Although there have been recent community meetings held on the issue, “they were more riots than meetings,” Turner said.

“I came away terribly embarrassed as a resident of Cañon City. I don’t like to see that kind of hysteria.”

He said he found in the late 1970s that calm and logical community discussion of the issues helped, and he believes it would now too.

“There is a real possibility we’re going to lose a major employer in this community and I think that’s unfortunate because I think they have been a responsible industrial neighbor,” he said.

“Yes, they contaminated the area and there’s no question about that,” he said.

But he blames the lack of adequate regulations in the early days of the nuclear industry for the contamination.

“There wasn’t enough knowledge about the contamination and the rules were inadequate,” he said.

Turner said he believes today the rules are adequate to make sure the company will control material brought to the site.

Looking ahead to how they can overcome this year’s low visitor counts and rebound, some area attractions hope to do more advertising next year, but others will do less.

Bandera said he will increase his efforts to draw visitors to the area.

He already is planning his biggest ad campaign ever, and also will work with Pikes Peak Country Attractions, Royal Gorge Destinations and Action 22 to market the region and to address the image that may have been left in visitors’ minds by this summer’s wildfires.

Keenan said he hasn’t made any decisions about advertising next year.

“Obviously we’re going to be back next year,” he said, but because he took in less money this summer he may not be in a financial situation to increase marketing.

Keenan said he thinks the Chamber of Commerce and Cañon City should be more proactive at promoting the area as a destination.

“The whole tourist industry around here should be promoted a lot better,” he said.

Greska said he will do less advertising if the Maywood soil is accepted.

He said since he opened the train ride four years ago, he has concentrated his efforts on it. But if the soil is accepted he will see it as a sign that local and state officials don’t understand the importance of tourism, and he said he

doesn’t want to spend his money countering the effects of their decisions. “I’ll pull back because it’s not worth it. It takes the pleasure out of promoting a clean attraction, a clean area, which is what Cañon City is.”

Instead, Greska said he will switch his focus to his other railroad attraction in Colorado, promoting the Georgetown loop.

Whether they plan to advertise more or less, those in the tourism industry hope wildfire danger will subside next year.

“We’ll all be praying for rain and snow this winter. We need a lot of that too so there’s no more fires,” Bandera said.

Keenan agreed snow would be the best thing the Cañon City area could get, for alleviating the drought and the fire danger, and for bringing people to Colorado for skiing this winter and for rafting when that season starts again next spring.

If Bandera could get out one message now, it would be that autumn in the Cañon City area has warm days with lots of sunshine and c nights.”We’re all open for business. It’s a great time to visit.”


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How is the Water in Canon City, Colorado 81212?

Four Mile News has uncovered issues at a local Uranium Mill.  CDPHE cites Cotter for groundwater contamination near Cañon City uranium mill. 

On July 25, 2008, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) issued a Notice of Violation to Cotter Corp. for exceeding the 30 migrogram per liter groundwater standard for uranium north and west of the mill complex.
Link to Violation Letter

Cotter Corp. pleads guilty to poisoning migratory birds at Cañon City uranium mill

On March 12, 2008, Cotter Corp., pleaded guilty and was sentenced in U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado external link for its role in the poisoning deaths of migratory birds at its uranium processing facility near Cañon City, Colo., the Justice Department announced.
Cotter Corp. pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor violation of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, in connection with a spill of approximately 4,500 gallons of organic solvent on Oct. 21, 2005, which escaped from a building at the processing facility and flowed into a catchment pond. Approximately 40 geese and ducks were killed after coming into contact with the solvent in the pond, which was removed by Cotter employees within a few days of the spill.
Under the plea agreement, Magistrate Kathleen Tafoya sentenced the company to pay the maximum fine of $15,000, make additional restitution of $15,000 and be placed on 12 months probation. During this time, the company is required to prepare and implement an environmental compliance plan designed to prevent future spills and ensure speedy, effective clean-up of any discharges that might occur. (U.S. Department of Justice Mar. 12, 2008)

State identifies potential leak at Cañon City uranium mill tailings impoundment

State health officials say they think they have detected a small leak in the lined tailings impoundment at the Cotter Corp. Uranium Mill, but say the leak does not pose a health risk. Cotter officials say they believe there is no leak. (The Pueblo Chieftain July 9, 2007)

State cites Cotter with air quality violations

The Cañon City uranium and vanadium mill failed a stack test and was found to be in violation of the conditional license’s requirements that the plant operate using two bag houses and a scrubbing unit to lessen the emissions, APCD public information officer Chris Dann said on Jan. 12, 2006.
The opacity levels are the density of the smoke leaving the stack of the Decomposition Kiln and Fusion Furnace, according to the N.O.V. The normal Environmental Protection Agency limits are 20 percent opacity, and Cotter had levels between 39.2 and 45 percent. The report was issued on Dec. 9, 2005, one month after the violations. (Cañon City Daily Record, Jan. 13, 2006)

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Four Mile News Website Getting Lots of Readers

So what are the readers of Four Mile News Reading these days?  These are the stats from the last 3 days.

Article Read (# of views in last 3 days).            

Mark Foster, SREI responds to Four Mile News 51 
Developer Breaks Leases with Investors, Over $80,000 Due  38 
Four Mile Ranch Golf Course Reviews 35 
Architect Trapped in Own Home at Four Mile Ranch 34 Website Goes Dark for non-payment  30 
Ross Jeffery’s Lien List Grows Larger 27 
Another Lawsuit in the wings for Four Mile Ranch 26 
Four Mile Ranch Golf Pro Moves Out 25 
Housing Prices PLUMMET Over 35% in Four Mile Ranch Golf Community  22 
New Four Mile Ranch theme song begins production 21 
Ross Jeffery Sues Former Architect  20 
Who Is Ross Jeffery? 19 
How to run up your opponents Legal Bill 101  17 
Developers wife also being chased for payment 16 
Council mulls stopping work at Four Mile 15 
Four Mile Ranch News Site set to Utilize Press Release Service to enhance readership 15 
What are those Lights Across the Highway?? 15 
Why are those people always chasing kids 14 
Free Speech and the First Amendment to the United States Constitution 12 
Dwarf Tossing Expert Invests in Canon City, Colorado 11 
Four Mile Ranch News Page #1 on Google
Jefferies Settles Lavish-Gift Probe
Morals Anyone?
Hot Schwab, BofA dish served at bash  2 
Trading: Now A Little Less Fun 1

September 17, 2008 at 12:09 am 1 comment Website Goes Dark for non-payment

June, 2008

The Four Mile Ranch Golf Course Community website was taken down by its creators do to a billing dispute with Ross Jeffery, Jennifer Harriman, The Home Place Real Estate Company and Four Mile Ranch.  The consultants who had built and maintained the site were to be paid on a commission basis on any and all real estate transactions that took place.  After investigation by the consultants, it was apparent that deals were being done under the table and skirting payments due to them for their services.  As a result, the consulting company took the actions to turn off the highly successful website and marketing programs.  Additionally, the consultants have since filed formal papers to seek payment for the past due commissions.

We will have futher documentation available on line shortly.

The Four Mile Ranch News Team.

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Four Mile Ranch News Page #1 on Google

Sept 4, 2008

Four Mile Ranch News made it onto page #1 for Google search results for the term Four Mile Ranch. The Four Mile Ranch news team would like to thanks all those that have helped us reach this monumental goal. One can only wonder when the leaders of Four Mile Ranch will address the issues with something other than legal threats?
Link to the search results

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Mark Foster, SREI responds to Four Mile News

“Remove SREI from your email list  and as attorney for Cottage Capital your are instructed to remove Cottage Capital from the email list.  I also suggest you had better obtain legal advice regarding privacy laws, and libel.”

Mark Foster

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Four Mile Ranch Golf Course Reviews

Tell us what you think about the new Four Mile Ranch Golf Course Community.  Did you love or hate the course?  Was the course in good or bad condition?  What was the service level like at the Four Mile Ranch Golf Course?  Thanks for your posts.

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Who Is Ross Jeffery?

Obviously there is a lot of talk about Ross these days.  In case you have not met him, this is who you may want to keep an eye out for.

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Developer Breaks Leases with Investors, Over $80,000 Due

Formal Papers have been filed against Developer Ross Jeffery and his daughter Jennifer Harriman in an attempt to recoup over $80,000 in rents, fees, unpaid taxes, insurance, collection costs.   Sources tell Four Mile Ranch News that an investor purchased a number of model homes from the Developer in a lease back arrangement.  Additional details have surfaced that actually make the transaction look fraudulent.  Talk is under way about criminal charges against Mr. Jeffery and his associates.

Stay tuned as more information, documents and public records become available.

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Architect Trapped in Own Home at Four Mile Ranch

Developer Ross Jeffery continues his assault as he has now placed a Lien on the home owned by the former Architect at Four Mile Ranch Golf Course and Community.  The Architect and her family have been desperately trying to sell their home since Developer Ross Jeffery ended there working relationship late this spring.  However, even after dropping the price of the house by $50,000 there were no offers for the beautifully designed and well maintained home.  In early August the the family learned that the developer had filed a fraudulent lien on their house now making it impossible for the them to sale and move to a new town.  Investigation leads us to believe that he has been taking these actions without the knowledge of his financial investors.

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Why are those people always chasing kids across the Golf Course?

Four Mile Ranch News has uncovered on long well kept secret.  The kids being chased by vans around the golf course and development at Four Mile Ranch are actually one of the neighbors.  You can check them out via the web at

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What are those Lights Across the Highway??

That is part of one of the Largest Prison Complexes in the US. 

Look here for all the stats

For a list of your famous neighbors:

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Housing Prices PLUMMET Over 35% in Four Mile Ranch Golf Community


August 26, 2008

Housing prices PLUMMET over 35% in the struggling Golf Course Community of Four Mile Ranch in Canon City, Colorado 81212.  Investigation into public records reveals that the few sales that have occurred have been short sales helping to further drive down prices.  Owners of homes in the community that responded to inquiry stated that they were extremely concerned with the status of the community and feared loosing there nest eggs as prices continued to sink.  A number of homeowners also commented on the fact that they felt that the developer had committed fraud in a number of circumstances.

Stay tuned as additional homeowner responses are received.

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Another Lawsuit in the wings for Four Mile Ranch

A Four Mile Ranch News Investigation unveils that Developer Ross Jeffery faces yet another Law Suit as he struggles to keep his golf course community from collapsing.  A former consulting company that managed the companies highly successful marketing campaign has already begun the process of filing formal papers to recoup unpaid commissions from Mr. Jeffery, his daughter Jennifer Harriman, her company Home Place Realestate and his investors Cottage Capital and SREI. 

Stay tuned as additional details become available.

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Four Mile Ranch News Site set to Utilize Press Release Service to enhance readership

Four Mile Ranch News Site set to Utilize Press Release Service to enhance readership. 

Today August 26, 2008 Four Mile Ranch News Website announces the engagement of services such as PRWeb to enhance the distribution of the news at Four Mile Ranch and Golf Course.  Plans call for the first release to be sent out September 1st, 2008.

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Developers wife also being chased for payment

Sourced tell Four Mile Ranch News that Developer Ross Jeffery’s wife Susie Jeffery is now being chased for theft of furnishing of model homes owned by an investor.  Formal papers have been filed against Mrs. Jeffery to recoup those funds. 

Stay tuned as additional information becomes available.

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Ross Jeffery’s Lien List Grows Larger

A Four Mile Ranch News Recent investigation unveils that the Lien List at Developer Ross Jeffery’s Four Mile Ranch Golf Course is growing daily.  The Golf Course now appears to be in foreclosure status as a mechanics lien filed by American Civil Constructors, Inc. nears completion.  Defendants in the Lien include:
R.J. Land and Cattle Company, LLC
SREI Four Mile, LLC
SREI Cottage Four Mile, LLC

Click on this link to view the foreclosure lawsuit.

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How to run up your opponents Legal Bill 101

Since developer Ross Jeffery began waging war on former employees and consultants we at the Four Mile Ranch News team have done a fare amount of research into the “Legal Process”  if you are in need of some inexpensive legal advice check out this website. 

Research shows why not just defend yourself or file the law suits yourself as this is one of the biggest headaches for any attorney to deal with. 

Four Mile Ranch News made inquiry to both Cottage Capital and SREI for their comment on the legal expenses they face from Mr. Jeffery’s actions.  No comment was received.

A Couple of Helpful Legal Definitions

A form of defamation communicated by speech, as opposed to print. In order for an action to lie for slander, the plaintiff must prove (1) the thing said was false, (2) it was communicated to others, and (3) the plaintiff suffered some genuine injury as a result.

A form of defamation communicated in print, as opposed to speech.
In order for a cause of action to arise for libel, the plaintiff must prove (1) the words printed were false, (2) they were communicated to others in print, and (3) the plaintiff suffered some genuine damage as a result

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Free Speech and the First Amendment to the United States Constitution

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Gotta love the Internet

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Four Mile Ranch News Website Reaches #1 on Google Search

The Renowned Four Mile Ranch News website today reached page 1 for the search “Four Mile Ranch Housing Prices”.  #2 in the search was

We also are page 2 in the Google search results for “Four Mile Ranch News”

Page 1 is clearly insight as the traffic to the website increases daily.


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Hot Schwab, BofA dish served at bash

By Charles Paikert
December 11, 2006
The bar was crowded, the music was live and the gossip was juicy. In other words, Allan Starkie’s Christmas party at the Madison Bistro in Manhattan was the place to be last week if you were in the wealth management business. Deals and jobs were the staples of conversation, befitting Mr. Starkie’s headhunting and research firm, New York-based Knightsbridge Advisors Inc., and Topic A, natch, was Charles Schwab Corp.’s impending sale of U.S. Trust Corp. to Bank of America Corp.“A tough cultural fit,” declared one director of a large European-based firm. “I’m glad we didn’t buy them,” his colleague responded. “I think it’s a better home than Schwab,” opined one investment banker, “but it’s still BofA …”

But not all the revelers were naysayers. The chief executive of a financial services giant’s advisory unit felt the deal was “probably good” for both San Francisco-based Schwab and Charlotte, N.C.-based Bank of America, but wondered if U.S. Trust would retain its own brand name or be folded into BofA.

One of the bank’s wealth management rivals said that Bank of America was actually already doing quite nicely in the ultrahigh-net-worth space, thank you very much, having “hired well” for its Family Wealth Advisors division. But, he added, “I can’t imagine [Peter] Scaturro [of U.S. Trust], [Jane] Magpiong [of Bank of America] and [Alan] Rappaport [of Bank of America] in the same room.”

Bachelor party backlash

Although Mr. Starkie’s bash was lively, it just wasn’t in the same league as the infamous bachelor party thrown two years ago in Miami for a Fidelity Investments trader that featured dwarf tossing and other “fun” drinking games.That bacchanal, underwritten by New York-based Jefferies Group Inc. as part of a campaign to solicit trading business from the Boston-based mutual funds giant, came back to haunt Jefferies last week as they agreed to pay more than $10 million to settle inquiries into the company’s entertainment policies by NASD

and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

After hiring trader Kevin Quinn in 2002 at an annual salary of $4 million, Jefferies gave him a $1.5 million expense account. Regulators estimated that Mr. Quinn proceeded to spend more than $600,000 in gifts and $1 million in entertainment to win business for the firm, including underwriting $125,000 for a weekend trip to the Super Bowl and buying six bottles of Opus One wine for $2,600.

Last week, Jefferies settled the charges without admitting or denying guilt and was ordered to hire a monitor to review its travel, entertainment and gift policies. Mr. Quinn has been barred permanently from working at a registered securities firm. No action was taken by the SEC against Fidelity.

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Morals Anyone?

Wow, check this one out…………….

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Trading: Now A Little Less Fun

Trading: Now A Little Less Fun

The Securities and Exchange Commission fined Jeffries & Co. $9.7 million yesterday for the activities of a vice-president charged with recruiting institutional client and was given an annual travel and entertainment budget of $1.5 million to get the job done. At the time, the industry regulator NASD had rules limiting gifts to $100. You can do the math on that yourself.

Okay, we’ll do it for you. With a budget like that, Jeffries could have been providing $100 gifts to 15,000 traders. Of course, the man Jeffries handed this budget had a plan, and it didn’t include spreading the wealth around quite that broadly. Quinn gave special attention to the boys trading equities at Fidelity, according to the SEC and NASD.

Not surprisingly, while the Reuters story on this is a bit vague, the New York Post has the glorious details of Quinn’s entertaining.


He spent $125,000 to take Fidelity pros to the Super Bowl in Houston with a weekend of entertainment that included parties hosted by Maxim and Playboy magazines.

While every Wall Street firm wines and dines clients, Jefferies raised the bar in March 2003 when it paid more than $75,000 for Fidelity’s Thomas Bruderman – a key equity trader – to have a truly memorable bachelor party.

Quinn booked a private jet and hired limos for the party in Miami; festivities included dwarf-tossing and ogling strippers.

Danny Black, The Lansing, Mich.-based dwarf at the center of the party, confirmed to The Post that dwarf tossing was part of the activities.

“What’s a party without drunken dwarf tossing?” asked Black. He confirmed that “scantily clad” strippers were around the party, but declined further comment on the activities.

Now, of course, Quinn was not the first guy on Wall Street to ignore gift rules. A box-seat at a Knicks game probably violated them, so they were pretty much ignored by everyone. But when you add bachelor parties, strippers and Super Bowl tickets, well you’ve made yourself a good target for regulators seeking to make headlines and restore “investor confidence” or some such.

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Jefferies Settles Lavish-Gift Probe

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New Four Mile Ranch theme song begins production

Four Mile Ranch News has learned that a new theme song for Four Mile Ranch is currently in production, the title to the song is “It’s Starting to look a lot like Sumo”.  Research into Sumo reveals that Sumo Village is a golf community not far from Four Mile Ranch golf club that was designed by world famous Golf Professional Gary Player.  Rumor has it that the demise of the Sumo community had Mr Player trying to have his name pulled off the project.  A link to the community Sumo Village Golf

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Council mulls stopping work at Four Mile

Council mulls stopping work at Four Mile 

Frustration flowed freely from all sides Monday night as the Cañon City Council considered an immediate order to stop work at the Four Mile Ranch.

Development representatives said the July 15 opening for the $6.5 million public golf course was in jeopardy if work was ordered to halt. In addition to delaying the grand opening, such an action would adversely affect revenue at the development, as well as current and future employees.

At issue were final infrastructure plans for the development that were required to receive city approval by Monday but did not. The original deadline already had been extended by the council.

Developers said the final plans were in, and they were waiting for comments and changes by the city. However, city staff said the submitted plans were incomplete, and most of them were delivered to City Engineer Adam Lancaster just late last week.

“We have not had time to review those plans,” Lancaster told council. “We are frustrated with the time it takes for these piecemeal submittals.”

Four Mile Ranch attorney James Brown said the company has attempted to meet every deadline and pointed to a series of communications with the city as proof of its efforts.

“We have submitted everything we can submit,” Brown said.

Plans surrounding a pump station to provide adequate water pressure to the development are holding up the process. Brown argued there was no risk to the city to let the company move forward because it has a $2.5 million letter of credit on file with the city.

However, Lancaster expressed frustration with the leeway council already has given Four Mile Ranch.

“There are reasons we have set up protocol,” Lancaster said of the city’s rules and regulations surrounding development submittals. He said city staff simply is working to follow council’s orders.

“Staff has not asked to shut them down,” Lancaster said of Four Mile Ranch. “We did not ask for extension dates. This is not something the city staff put on this agenda.”

Councilman Keith Hovland said he understood the frustration but was concerned a work stoppage was not the appropriate action.

“I do have a concern about shutting down a project and the crews working on that project,” Hovland said.

Councilor Jerry Gill was direct in his criticism of Four Mile Ranch developers.

“I think Four Mile is a little naive,” Gill said. “We have stepped way over the line helping you people. I’m tired of this.”

Lancaster said if council did not order the work stoppage, he preferred an open-ended agreement that did not give Four Mile Ranch a specific date to obtain approval on all plans in order to keep staff from “running the fire drill.”

The council unanimously approved Councilman Kevin Grantham’s motion to table a work stoppage indefinitely, effectively giving Four Mile Ranch an unlimited amount of time to complete plans. Even Grantham said he was not happy with the solution.

“We have already bent the rules if not broken them,” Grantham said.

In other action Monday, the council:

— Approved on second reading an ordinance adding “Pet Crematory” to the list of uses permitted by special review in C, General Commercial, and I, Industrial, zone districts.

— Approved on second reading supplemental appropriations in the 2008 budget for various funds.

— Approved a $4.4 million bid to High Country Pipeline of Penrose for a clear well tank and backwash supply pump station for water infrastructure improvements.

— Welcomed and introduced the 2008 Blossom Festival Court, Queen Tanessa White, First Attendant Amanda Marchiani, Second Attendant Brooke Keller and Miss Personality Cassidy Gunter.

— Accepted a petition signed by 429 Cañon City homeowners and residents requesting closure of the Hogbacks to all use, with emergency exceptions, until the management plan is placed on the November ballot. With a packed house, four residents spoke to council, asking for action on the Hogbacks. Because the issue was not on the agenda, council took no action.

Debbie Bell may be reached at,1,1


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Dwarf Tossing Expert Invests in Canon City, Colorado


By RODDY BOYDBroker-dealer Jefferies Group laid on lavish gifts, travel and entertainment to snare business from investment giant Fidelity. Above, some of the bounty.

ANYTHING GOES: Broker-dealer Jefferies Group laid on lavish gifts, travel and entertainment to snare business from investment giant Fidelity. Above, some of the bounty.

December 5, 2006 — Wall Street watchdogs nailed Jefferies Group with nearly $10 million in fines, claiming that the brokerage firm let an executive use company cash to ply Fidelity Investments’ traders with lavish gifts – including underwriting a booze-fueled bachelor party replete with strippers and dwarves – to win business.

The Securities and Exchange Commission and the National Association of Securities Dealers painted an unflattering portrait of Jefferies as a second-tier firm where former star equity salesman Kevin Quinn ran wild with a nearly $1.5 million expense account.

According to the complaints, Quinn catered to nearly every whim of Fidelity’s stock traders, shipping them rare cases of French wine, providing private jet service for their family vacations, and getting them the best seats at dozens of concerts.

He spent $125,000 to take Fidelity pros to the Super Bowl in Houston with a weekend of entertainment that included parties hosted by Maxim and Playboy magazines.


While every Wall Street firm wines and dines clients, Jefferies raised the bar in March 2003 when it paid more than $75,000 for Fidelity’s Thomas Bruderman – a key equity trader – to have a truly memorable bachelor party.

Quinn booked a private jet and hired limos for the party in Miami; festivities included dwarf-tossing and ogling strippers.

Danny Black, The Lansing, Mich.-based dwarf at the center of the party, confirmed to The Post that dwarf tossing was part of the activities.

“What’s a party without drunken dwarf tossing?” asked Black. He confirmed that “scantily clad” strippers were around the party, but declined further comment on the activities.

Quinn, who was fired in 2004, was himself lavishly compensated, getting a $4 million guarantee from the firm in 2002 that was later bumped to $4.75 million.

In an SEC filing, Jefferies President Rich Handler is referenced as anticipating that Quinn could bring in up to $50 million in annual commissions from Fidelity.

Before the NASD caught Jefferies during a routine audit in late 2004, Quinn’s obsessive entertaining and gift-giving catapulted Jefferies from $1.7 million in commissions with Fidelity in the first six months of 2002 to $24.5 million in business by September 2004.

The NASD fined the firm $5.5 million, and the SEC forced it to disgorge $4.2 million in ill-gotten gains plus interest. Quinn was barred from working as an NASD member firm for life and paid a $468,000 disgorgement.

His boss, equity division chief and executive committee member Scott Jones, paid a $50,000 fine and was barred from supervisory duties for three months. He is still employed at the firm, according to a firm spokesman.

A Jefferies spokesman said: “We are pleased to have this matter behind us and will continue to focus on serving our clients.”


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Canon City Golf Course Sold

By Margaret Jackson

In a deal brokered by Edge Golf Group, the property sold in an online auction for 55 percent below its June 2009 appraised value of $1.66 million.

Holt plans to maintain the property as a golf course. Shadow Hills consists of about 197 acres in the southwestern portion of Canon City. The 18-hole course was designed by Keith Foster.

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Why is the Driving Range Brown?

Well, in a recent interview about the Four Mile Ranch Golf Course, Designer Jim Engh explained it his way.  After you read the interview, read on and get the real story of how the developer Ross Jeffery tried pulling a fast one and got caught with his pants down.

To demonstrate what the next wave of course design might look like, Engh shows visitors around the Four Mile Ranch Golf Club in Canon City, Colo. Completed in 2008 on a design and construction budget of $3.2 million, the 7,053-yard, par-72 public layout is anything but scruffy. Routed through desert foothills, Four Mile Ranch is as green and lush as any Palm Springs resort course. On the practice range, however, golfers smack their warm-up balls from manicured grass to a target field of rocks and gravel that’s covered with desert scrub. (“A grass driving range,” Engh explains, “is seven to 10 acres that you have to irrigate. That’s about 20 percent of your total turf acreage.”) In another cost-cutting measure, Engh designed his course with no bunkers, figuring rightly that boulders, pinon groves and arroyos would provide more than enough visual stimulation and strategic hazard for anyone.

Canon City Real Estate Developer bought 2 large parcels of land in a neighboring sub division with the intent on building his driving range there.  He did build the driving range on that land, however, that land was not in city limits, it was in the county.  He was not allowed to water the county grass with his city water.  Hence why you have a dirt driving range.


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Four Mile Ranch Golf Course Deficit Growing

How long can the Four Mile Ranch subsidy continue?  With rates for golf dropping to $20 for 18 holes, one has to wonder how long until the Four Mile investors cut bait and run.  Doing some basic math, a little research on golf course operations and it is easy to determine that the Four Mile Ranch Golf Course is running close to $500,000 in the RED. 

Golf Course Closures in the news

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Four Mile Ranch Search Terms, Update

Who is searching who?  Below are the Four Mile News stats on what the top search terms have been for the last 30 days.   It looks like Kevin Quinn is just as popular as the Four Mile Ranch development. 

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kevin quinn jeffries cottage capital 4
four mile ranch golf club canon city 4
canoncitydailyrecord august 26 sales tax 4
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bill and danny tezak canon city 4
ross jeffery 4
water pressure canon city co 4

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Tax Lein Sale at Four Mile Ranch

Four Mile News has obtained a copy of the Fremont County Colorado Tax Lein Auction list.  It shows that the entire development is listed on the list.  With the state of current sales at Four Mile Ranch being non-existent, it looks like a savvy investor may be able to buy these tax certificates and secure a %10 return on their money, and quite possibly could own the property outright in 3 years for pennies on the dollar if the bill goes unpaid.  Follow this link for a list of the properties affected.

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When Times are Tuff, Get your BBQ out of the Trash

A source close to the community has told Four Mile Ranch News a funny little story about a BBQ Grill.  Apparently, times are tuff these days at Four Mile Ranch as the staff that operates the Four Mile Ranch Golf Course have been dumpster diving, looking for items of use in the kitchen at the Four Mile Ranch Golf Course.  Our source reports that the staff at Four Mile got a scolding email from one resident who had a BBQ Grill removed from his trash, then taken to the Four Mile Ranch Golf Course for food preparation and cooking.  The source also said, that the email to the staff urged caution in the use of the grill as the staff members who took it had no idea if there may have been a chemical spill in the grill causing possible contamination. 

Sounds like you may want to consider taking a box lunch to the links next time you play Four Mile Ranch Golf Course in Canon City, Colorado 81212.

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New Four Mile Ranch Housing Values Update

The troubles at Four Mile Ranch continue as recent foreclosure sales have caused housing prices to drop dramatically. 

3528 Rio Bravo Drive
3/31/2006 Sales Price $285,848
4/20/2009 Sales Price $172,000
= 40% decline in value in 3 years

3520 Rio Bravo Drive
3/31/2006 Sales Price $257,230
4/20/2009 Sales Price $173,000
= 33% decline in value in 3 years

Were the properties over priced in the first place, were property values over inflated by the developer in an attempt to increase profits?

What are your thoughts?

June 15, 2009 at 7:40 pm 2 comments

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